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/Agent Z
Agent Z
Your mission, should you accept, is to complete your assigned tasks and gather clues that will lead you to the secret layer where you must play the casino and win!
Learn the fundamentals for academic success and hear some history of their origin in ancient Greece.
Learn the story of where Greek letter organizations came from, the origin of Sigma Phi epsilon and founding of Sig Ep at Salisbury University. This event is invite only.
/Burning Heart Classic
Burning Heart Classic
Come play a round of golf and help support the scholarship funds of salisbury SigEp. Prizes, food and good times to be had by all.
Your ride needing some water and soap attention? We got you covered, you won't need to get wet and you'll be helping a grow scholarship funds for fellow students! SigEp Clean available in Fall and Spring.
/Crab Feast
Crab Feast
Enjoy maryland's culinary treasure and help out Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America at the same time! What a way to start the semester.
/Dr. Grey's Anatomy  Talk
Dr. Grey's Anatomy Talk
Have a question you need to ask a certified doctor? Don't want to go through the hassle of setting up an appointment. We got you covered. Dr. Grey (her actual name) would be happy to answer all your questions at our fireside chat session.
/Field Day
Field Day
Join one of our teams and compete for the SigEp Cup. It's just like the Olympics only everyone is from Salisbury.
/Meet the Spartans
Meet the Spartans
Ever wanted to learn what life was like in the past? Or what the real Spartans were like? Come out and learn with us about Ancient greek life and how similar it is to today.
/Men of Virtue
Men of Virtue
Join us in showing the world that our organizations are committed to ending the occurrence of sexual assault once and for all, and that it can all begin with what we’ve already committed to do—Live Your Oath.
/House of the Minotaur
House of the Minotaur
Test your wits against the clock and the maze. Watch out for the Minotaur he's looking for you. Will you get out the maze and win or meet the Minotaur?
What does it mean to live the best life? how do you achieve happiness and fulfillment in life. Join us for a guided philosophical discussion on the greek concept of Arete , Excellence in all things.
/Purple Maize
Purple Maize
Do you think you have what it takes to win a Corn Hole Tournament? Then challenge our competitors in an elimination match that could but money in your pocket!
/Zombie Run
Zombie Run
Got a Zombie plan? Good. Now let SigEp help you test out your moves on a field of undead zombies. Have fun, win prizes and help out a good cause at the same time!

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